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  •  Marvel At The Majesty of Energetic Healing and The Mind Body Connection
  •  Relish How Regardless of Approach...Scientific or Spiritual The Essential Oils Used Remain The Same
  •  Gain Real Insights Into The Problems Facing Our Industry, How to Avoid Them Affecting You and What You Can Do To Play A Part In Bringing About Change.
Come and Meet Your Teachers....

Elizabeth Ashley

UK NAHA DIrector and International Best Selling Author

Gergely Hollodi

Dipl. Aromatherapist, BA, Phytotherapist, LMT
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Madeleine Kerkhof 
Aromatherapy for Palliative Care

After years working as a registered nurse, Madeleine identified a need to treat the person during their illness, rather than just their symptoms. In today’s lecture, she talks about all aspects of her work with palliative care patients from wound healing and infection control to the oils chosen by people to accompany them during their precious final moments.

Annie Day 
How to Have Wonderful Sex Using Aromatherapy to Enhance Joy and Pleasure

In this lecture, we look at blends to get you in the mood to relax and enjoy great sex. Learn new techniques that enhance our enjoyment and receptivity to pleasure.

Discover how to feel; like a God/Goddess in the bedroom – discover ways to overcome any inhibitions or performance anxiety. 
Use aphrodisiac blends to smell using your limbic system, fragrance your bedroom, how to use aphrodisiac massage blends if you do have an issue such as erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation & what essential oils can help you with these. 
How to increase your libido and feel fabulous – ready for fun.

Kristina Bauer 
Everyone Is Different

 Executive Producer and writer of film Uncommon Scents, Kristina Bauer, will be sharing some of the profound insights revealed in exclusive interviews with experts from across the field to empower consumers, practitioners, and the general public alike. 

She’ll share the foundations in which aromatherapy has its roots, where aromatherapy is shining in its outcomes, how challenges relating to supply, sustainability, marketing, regulation, and adulteration are impacting the field, why everyone has a stake in how current challenges play out, and what experts tell us individuals can do (and are doing) to shepherd the future for aromatherapists, essential oil enthusiasts, and the planet alike.

Sue Mousley 
The Holistic Look at Aromatherapy and its Impact on Stress in Pregnancy and Beyond

In the UK figures for mental health problems are increasing as is awareness in relation to anxiety and stress, particularly work-related stress according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics. A significant proportion of those affected is female and possibly pregnant. Studies have shown stressful work situations in pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, preterm labor and birth, low birth weight babies and pre-eclampsia. So in response to this, Sue wants to understand and explore the causative factors and discuss aromatherapy and the role of essential oils holistically to make the journey into parenthood easier and also to create strong roots for introducing new life into the world.

This involves her personal work and life experiences in this field, and which she will share in this presentation.

Kelly Holland Azzaro
 Flower Power for Pets - Exploring the Use of Hydrosols for Our Animal Friends

With the rise of the use of aromatherapy with both humans and their animal friends, it is important to be mindful of safe use for everyone, but even more so with animals. This presentation offers a view to exploring the use of hydrosols aka ‘gentle waters’ with our animal friends.

These naturally-sourced botanicals are often overlooked when seeking safe and user-friendly options for both physical and emotional balance. The beauty of hydrosols is that they both can be quite effective with many issues. Included in the presentation will be easy-to-use information applicable for skin and minor wound care, fear-based behavior and for use during times of grief and transition.

Felicity Warner 
Sacred Oils in End Of Life Care

She is also a Myrrhophore “myrrh-bearing woman” or mistress of the oils. The myrrhophore tradition is an esoteric and spiritual practice with roots in the ancient temples of Egypt and still kept alive by a few practitioners. 

It is based on Egyptian celestial medicine and practiced by temple priestesses who were skilled in energy medicine and trained to work with both subtle and high energies especially for transition( death and dying work).

Working with essential oils for their energetic, spiritual and ritualistic properties, the myrrhophore works with dis “ease” of spirit and soul.

Karen Knitner-Norland 
PTSD Treatment Potential for First Responders

 Karen’s experience and practice as a paramedic, yoga instructor, and aromatherapist lead us into topics as the limbic system, protocols, and strategies for patients suffering from PTSD symptoms – caused by a trauma or a series of traumas – such as anxiety, insomnia, anger issues or flashbacks. 

We answer questions, such as:

 what can we do if a client’s PTSD is severe? 

Is there anything else we can do that doesn’t require medications?

Marika Fleri 
‘By the Bedside’ - An Aromatherapist's Journey in an Oncology Hospital

Marika has been working at Malta’s main oncology hospital for the past three years now. During this lecture we will discuss:
♦ The versatility of this modality which makes it a perfect tool to be used at different stages during a patient’s cancer journey.
♦ The challenges and restrictions that are faced and the modifications to treatment that are necessary to integrate aromatherapy within the hospital environment.
♦ The importance of building relationships of trust with other health care professionals to ensure a holistic service to our patients.
♦ The most important secret ingredient in every blend and every treatment given.

Amy Kreydin 
The Auto-immune Connection

Grief, childhood trauma, and chronic stress influence how we think feel, and heal. The immune-mind connection is where the nervous and immune systems meet, responding to acute and chronic stressors, high and low emotions, and much more. Understanding the basics of this connection helps us to create aromatic wellness plans that are holistic and serve to complement the individual on their path towards healing.

Anna Doxie 
Creating Effective Therapeutic Blends for Emotional Support

Learn how essential oils interact and communicate with our brain and body systems in order to create effective therapeutic blends for emotional support.

David Crow 
 Principles of Combining Herbs and Essential Oils

This presentation explores how essential oils and aromatherapy can be combined with herbal treatments for added therapeutic benefits. It explores how to combine aromatic species in different forms according to concentration levels and extraction methods, how to combine herbs and oils according to therapeutic functions, and how to combine herbs and oils according to organ systems.

Specific formulas will be given for combining expectorant, mucolytic, nervine relaxant, demulcent, antimicrobial, and adaptogenic herbs with essential oils for complementary purposes. We will explore some of the complexities of classifying essential oils into distinct therapeutic categories, and discuss when essential oils and aromatherapy are a primary, adjunct or contraindicated treatment for various organ systems

Dr. Eric Z 
 Aromatherapy and the Digestive System

Digestion stands as the foundation plate of wellness. Despite its integral part to health, it suffers a delicate relationship with stress, with skeletal problems and organic dysfunction.

 In this lecture  we examine the power of the organoleptic evaluation and how to ascertain what your body needs to trigger self-healing.

Caroline Ingraham 
What is Your Dog Trying to Say?

Understand what your dog is trying to tell you by using the shared aromatic language of essential oils and other plant remedies, and learn how to improve their behavior and physical health.

Achieve truly remarkable results by allowing your dog to be in control of selecting its essential oils and plant extracts through an understanding of self-medication. Dogs know what and how much is needed to bring themselves back into health even before symptoms manifest, and through their choices, you will gain an insight into their true needs.

In this workshop, you will explore some of the secrets behind many common and extreme behaviors …it might not be what you think!

Robin B. Kessler 
Frankincense Resins: How to Use and Incorporate Into Your Aromatic Practice

Aromatherapy lauds Frankincense as one of its finest medicines and yet few practitioners have knowledge of how to use the resins themselves. Many of the most efficacious molecules – such as Boswellic acid – fail to pass through distillation. In today’s lecture, Robin investigates how we can use the many frankincense, myrrh, elemi, and opopanax gums in our own therapy and practice.

Ruth Nelson and Dedi Thorne 
The Holistic Consultation

Dedi and Ruth have an unusual healing dynamic treating clients together, which being geographically hundreds of miles apart.

In this lecture, they take a case history of a client and show how they analyze all aspects of her dis-ease to decide on their treatment strategy.

Lora Cantele 
Enhancing Your Aromatherapy Practice With Aromaflexology

In this presentation, Lora shares how you can enhance your aromatherapy practice with this useful tool and set yourself apart from other practitioners.

 Massage and reflexology, require the practitioner to undertake additional year or two of education and requires licensure. Aromaflexology can be learned in a weekend and can be performed within the exemption of massage and reflexology laws. Aromaflexology offers the practitioner a diagnostic tool to assess a clients health needs, enhances the therapeutic relationship, provides treatment and encourages your client to be more proactive in their own care. 

 Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Linda Anne Kahn
The role of the lymphatic system in health

In this podcast, Linda Anne Kahn shares a lot of valuable facts about our lymphatic system and why it is actually important for us. She discusses amongst other topics the function of the lymphatic system, symptoms of the system’ problems that may occur and which ones we can address with aromatherapy.

She shares with us a series of essential oils for supporting the healthy flow of lymph throughout the system as well as essential oils and carriers for pain and inflammation. She also describes the way she works in her practice which is really an integrative approach.
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Kim Morrison 
The Healing Art of Self-love

Kim Morrison, an aromatherapist of almost 30 years will teach her audience not only the importance of self-love but HOW to do self-love through the healing power of rituals, essential oils, and Kim’s high popular Aroma Cards. 

She shows they can get up, out, over and through the challenges in relationships, business, family, friends, and life by using the simple 6 step process she describes in her best-selling book ’The Art Of Self Love’. Kim uses personal stories and insights to inspire her audience and believes the pathway to self-love is through self-care. How to have courage, grace, strength, and dignity are attributes taught in this captivating presentation.

Melani Kovac 
Contemporary Tools for Aromatherapy in the New Millenium

New findings on essential oils are popping up every day and it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep up. But it doesn’t have to be so hard with the blooming information era – that is exactly what Melani thought and what inspired this aromatherapy educator with IT background to make aromatherapy platform Dropsmith.

In this podcast, she will share some of the expert secrets she stumbled upon on her journey as well as give you a private tour of her unique aromatherapy platform and help you get the most out of it.

During the summit, you’ve been gifted the free full access to Dropsmith so make sure to watch your email on the first day of the summit for your access details.

Deby Atterby
 Aromatherapy in Australia, a Clinical Approach

Join Deby Atterby and Prashanti Lyree in a 50-minute discussion regarding all things Aromatherapy Australia. Deb will explore a variety of topics including the current status of aromatic medicine in Australia and the changes in legislation surrounding qualification and how we are approaching the ever-changing status quo.

See how to approach a patient from a clinical perspective and in particular children and how Deby approaches difficult age groups and in particular the clinical treatment on a toddler suffering from acute urticaria with fascinating results. 

Safety and dosage recommendations will be explored in depths as well as treatment protocol and drug interactions of specific oils.

Dr. Kelly Ablard 
Healing Threatened Aromatic Medicinal Plants: Conservation, Sustainability, & Education

Earth is undergoing its sixth extinction, meaning that threatened species – including essential and carrier oil-bearing plants, are being lost at a rapid rate that far outruns the origin of new species. Unfortunately, this extinction is one in which the human race is nearly entirely responsible. Research shows that at least 19 oil-bearing plants are threatened (critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable) of which 37% are facing extinction primarily because of being over-exploited for their essential and carrier oils.

In this lecture, we will explore the concept of conservation, sustainability, and biodiversity. We also review: 1) how threatened and trade-protected species are defined, 2) which oil-bearing plants are threatened and/or trade-protected, 3) ways you can help to protect and sustain them, 4) a good model of sustainable farming, 5) the problem with adulterated oils, and 6) guidelines that will help you make responsible decisions when purchasing oils sourced from threatened and/or trade-protected essential and carrier oil-bearing plants.

Natalie Miller 
Stay Curious - The Importance of Continuing to Learn About aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy changes from day to day. Every month new research opens our eyes even wider. Natalie ponders on the need and importance of continued education for therapists.

The English Aromatherapist (Nuala Wilkes) 
 Unravelling Essential Oil Controversy

Throughout our aromatherapy journey, we’re very likely to come across advice or information that we disagree with – whether we find it unsafe, inappropriate or simply incorrect. It’s not always easy to know how to react in these situations. How should we deal with advice we disagree with? When should we step in and offer our opinion? What if it’s a friend promoting such advice? And what if it involves babies and children – do we have a duty to speak up? It’s a common dilemma that we all face at some point. The English Aromatherapist discusses her perspective on dealing with dissent and differences of opinion.

Nyssa Hanger 
More Than Essential Oils: Journey Into Holistic Phytotherapy

As someone who has identified as an aromatherapist for over a decade, Nyssa is beginning to consider herself less of an aromatherapist and more of a phytotherapist — one who works with all parts of the plant. When she realized that she was more comfortable with concentrated plant extracts than the plants she interacted with in her everyday life, she began a search to learn more about plants themselves.

Nyssa learned about the plants that her oils were coming from, then she continued on to the vast pharmacopeia of non-aromatic plants. As she embarked upon this study, the world came alive in new and expected ways
In this talk you will learn:
♦ Why we (and our planet) need to move beyond the “essential oil trap”,
♦ Why you might actually need fewer oils,
♦ Her top 10 ways to make natural medicine a daily habit.

Marge Clarke 
Essential Oils for the Emotions

Since the early 90’s Marge has been fascinated by the emotional and/or spiritual uses of the oils. When Liz asked her to share with you all, that seemed the obvious topic.

Some of what she has learned over the years research-based, but mostly what she shares this time was experiential. (Some of it very private, and she is amazed that it came out in this session.) Marge hopes that her shared experiences will help someone else with their struggles.

Lauren Bridges (The Aromapologist)
 Essential Oils for Children's Winter Ailments

Every year at the onset of cold and flu season, we see a plethora of information flood the internet on how you should be using essential oils to keep your children healthy. Unfortunately, we more often than not find suggestions that are either not appropriate for children or suggest using essential oils in a way that does not support the body’s natural defenses.
Aromatic use can be safely and effectively implemented in the home to support the natural processes their bodies require to healthfully navigate winter wellness. 
  Join us as we run the gamut of holistic winter wellness. Walk away prepared to tackle this season head-on, confident in effectively being able to support your children’s health!

Jane Lawson
 Keeping Blending and Essential Oils Simple

It can be very easy to get confused about how to use essential oils. Conflicting and overzealous data can make us nervous about using aromatherapy in our every day lives. I believe in keeping therapy simple.

In today’s talk, I chat with Elizabeth about how to create the very simplest care plan to choose oils. How to choose objectives for the treatment and basic ways to use the oils to feel much better about life day to day.

Jade Shutes 
The Evolution of Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine: Reflections on Our Roots and the Next Generation

The traditional English practice of aromatherapy has clearly evolved and seemingly faster than our definitions and understanding of what that evolution has evoked can keep up. Through this lecture, we will dive into our roots – from traditional English aromatherapy practice to French aromatic medicine approach – to understand our history and our foundation. We  compare and contrast blending approaches (e.g. morphology, chemistry family, chemical component, botanical family, etc.) to understand more deeply the pros and cons of these different approaches to the art and science of blending and formulating.

And finally, we  move into the next generation of aromatherapy, both in professional practice as well as in layperson use. Moving away from the biomedical approach yet holding firm to the concepts promoted by holistic aromatherapy, we take a look at the integration of aspects of both the English and the French models of aromatherapy practice and develop an understanding of how a more physiology-based approach may be of service. Borrowing from concepts from herbal medicine, a system of approaching the education and formulation skills, we contemplate the next generation of aromatherapists.

Emily Carpenter
Sleep Essentials for Essential Sleep

You may already know that essential oils can help with insomnia, but did you know that not all oils are for everyone? If you have ever followed a recipe that kept you up instead of helping you sleep, then you may need another approach. Emily Carpenter will walk you through a process to find the right oils to combine into a blend to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
Safe Blending for Aromatics

Sylla has lived a plant-aromatic-filled-life for 40 some years! She learned about essential oils early on as an LMT and began teaching in 1989. Since then we have seen the rise of MLM and injuries.  Some sources make it so scary people may be afraid to start. In this talk you will learn: 
♦ Safe blending guidelines why inhalation may be best for many things – mental, pain, how and whys of dilution for topical in water/oil when to use internally – list of safe oils to start with – big guns and when to use.
♦ The importance of knowing our aromatic routes and roots! Routes – the path of using these gifts of the earth for holistic healing, treating all parts together in a safe and efficacious way.
♦ Roots: who came before us, what part did aromatics play in history, medicine, who are the experts who have come before us, esp. in the USA; What have we done – ARC, injury reporting, community service.

Jen Hawkins
Synergy of the Seasons

When was the last time you truly felt the joy of being alive? Felt connected to the earth and her rhythms, or to yourself and your rhythms?
Our ancestors used to live their lives according to the seasons, but nowadays we ignore that, following the same routine day in day out, even though the patterns of the seasons still underpin our daily lives.
In this interview we’ll be exploring how we can tune into the patterns of the year and use essential oils to foster and maintain a joyful, healthy balance, reducing the amount of disease, disharmony, and distress in our lives.

Penny Price
Asthma and Aromatherapy

Asthma is a chronic condition involving the respiratory system in which the airways occasionally constrict, become inflamed, and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one or more triggers. With the modern environment being so polluted, asthma is becoming much more prevalent and so easy, on the go aromatherapy treatments can be immensely helpful in keeping the lungs healthy and viable.

Asthma may also be triggered by an allergen, environmental tobacco smoke, cold or warm air, perfume, pet dander, moist air, exercise or exertion, or emotional stress.  The symptoms of asthma, which can range from mild to life-threatening, can usually be controlled with a combination of drugs and environmental changes. Penny’s teaching session will talk about how essential oils can interact with medication, how to use essential oils to best effects and which essential oils are proven to help control asthma. 

She explores several treatment plans using essential oils for childhood asthma and adult asthma, and discuss the unique chemistry of oils that enables them to be pharmacologically active for treating asthma.

Sue Pace 
Future Trends in Aromatherapy

The future of aromatherapy is clear…or is it? Join Registered Aromatherapist and R.N. Sue Pace as she discusses current and future trends in Aromatherapy. Topics will include the pros and cons of aromatherapy licensure, the role of the government, sustainability issues, and clinical research.
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Michelle Roques-O'Neil 
The Art of Numbers, Vibrations and Aromatic Alchemy 

n Essence, everything that exists has a frequency or vibration, and part of the fabric of life; each cell, whether human, plant, animal or mineral has a unique signature. Biochemists can now confirm that a human cell is crystalline in structure, in fact, it is liquid crystal resonating with other crystalline structures to adjust our mineral balance. Plants too are calibrated at different frequencies ranging from high to low, this reflects their energetic function.

Here she describes how she has developed a formula thatharnesses numerology to create charged vibrational formulae but can be very specific in intention either for the efficacy of a retail formula or more specifically for individuals. in a similar way that radionics and homeopathy give remedies numeric potency. Each number carries a meaning and action and can be used in blends in many combinations and how to anchor their profound and life-changing energies.

Rehne Kuik Burge 
 PTSD and Aromatherapy

All of her life Rehne has lived with complex PTSD. After many years of therapy, she has found a way to live day to day and find essential oils a wonderful aid. Her practice now revolves around helping veterans and other sufferers find a way to navigate their way through the symptoms of the disorder. In this discussion, she talks about what it feels like to experience the confusion of flashbacks and other symptoms and how a therapist can help support a patient who so desperately needs their help

Dr. Florian Birkmayer 
 Essential Oils for Addiction

Trauma and PTSD are widespread in modern society. Trauma makes us feel ‘cut off’…from ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and Nature. Aromatic molecules, the Molecules of Connectedness can be a powerful approach to healing trauma and overcoming our sense of feeling cut off. Aromas work on the brain in multiple powerful ways and allow our psyches to rediscover our own healing abilities. In my practice, I have used aromas extensively for healing people with trauma and addiction issues. In this presentation, I will share some of my insights.

Salvatore Battaglia
 Aromatherapy and the Subtle Bodies

For several generations now, science has been attempting to catch up with traditional medicine in a bid to explain its successes.

Today, Sal and Liz discuss the work of Luca Turin and his research into the shape of olfactory molecules, and the ramifications on vibrational therapies.

Robbie Zeck 
Blossoming Heart – Aromatic Kinesiology®

Aromatic Kinesiology® takes you into the world of aroma with an emphasis on enhancing the spirit, look and feel of your life. This pioneering work on the psychological benefits of essential oils and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences is powerfully represented in the beautiful workshop series: The Paths of Beauty, Nurture and Stillness. Each seminar includes uplifting guided exercises and discussion, time for quiet reflection and explores how to use essential oils as potent, yet gentle, aromatic anchors to facilitate change and release unresolved stress. Within this framework, you will learn many practical techniques that blend aromatherapy with kinesiology, narrative counseling styles, acupressure, stress management procedures and how to reframe emotional issues.

Established in 1992, Aromatic Kinesiology® offers a unique training perspective, exploring aromatherapy from an emotional perspective while focusing on the development of beliefs, skills and emotional openness that lead to a successful, loving and joyful life. Aromatic Kinesiology® has grown to be nationally and internationally recognized for its emphasis on gentle yet powerful heart-work and personal development. In combining kinesiology and aromatherapy with an inspirational teaching style, this beautiful work has assisted hundreds of people to step into their dreams and live a life purposefully on track.

Michelle Bardwell 
If Hippocrates Was an Aromatherapist

Michelle’s teachers played an integral part in her education and philosophy, but they also helped her to develop her signature modality, Hippocratic Aromatherapy. Originally developed by Pierre Franchome and Patrick Collin. Hippocratic Aromatherapy is a method of pairing the chemical families of essential oils to each Hippocratic temperament. Under Michelle’s eye, this concept became a standard system, a significant aromatherapy modality that could be educational and healing purposes. She is going to share with you this unique and wonderful tool within the aromatherapy world.

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky
 Essential Oils for the Soul

In this troubled time, characterized by estrangement from the natural world and the light of spirit, Spiritual PhytoEssencing provides a way for one to deeply connect with, and hold on to, what is real and eternal within and to operate from inside the precincts of one’s real self and eternal soul nature. In so doing, an individual can, at once, continue to progress along a directional process toward wholeness of being and find a significant degree of shelter from the current storm.

Cathy Skipper
 The Alchemy of Menopause

Cathy will share about using aromatics for helping women through menopause. Menopause is not a disease but an initiation. Aromatics can empower women during this rite of passage.
Key points in this session
♦ Discovering the power of menopause as a transformative journey
♦ How to use aromatics to transform a woman’s body and psyche into empowerment and becoming a wise elder.
Dream Questions
♦ What is the hidden gift of menopause
♦ Why do you think aromatics are so helpful in menopause?
♦ Your book is called The Alchemy of Menopause, what does alchemy have to do with menopause?
♦ Can you give some practical examples of how to use aromas in the menopause journey?.

Dr. Malte Hozzel 
Enter the Soul With Fragrant Breathing

Life expresses itself through breath and odors. Everything breathes in the relative world of existence. Even plants breathe – yes, even stones. The breathing of plants on our “Planet Plant” prepared the breath of all organic vital expressions on Earth. Without plant oxygen, we would have no air to breathe, no food to eat, no life on Earth.
Plants, being rooted in the soil, also have a strong connection with the densest element which is earth. And the Earth is linked to the sense of smell according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the thousands of years old natural medicine of India. No wonder, therefore, that plants exhale scent, odors, fragrances…… They exhale the blessings of Mother Earth. Many of these fragrances are due to essential oils which the plants store in glandular cells and which have numerous functions in the life of plants.

Breathing with conifer oils such as Black Spruce i.e., inhaling oils strong in ketones such as Hyssop i.e., smelling oils high in oxides, such as Eucalyptus globulus or feel the inner expansion with oils high in ethers such as Kewra, the “heart opener” – each time we experience an essential oil we experience Mother Nature in a very direct way by getting in touch with her own breath of life. Magical aromatherapy for a new millennium of powerful psycho-spiritual healing.

Amy Galper 
 Formulating Face Oils That Are Effective and Smell Beautiful

In this presentation, Amy will explore 7 essential oils, looking specifically at their therapeutic actions for facial care. She will also explore a selection of carrier oils, their individual therapeutic components and share how to formulate an effective face oil through the lens of an aromatherapist.

Anita James 
The Aromatic Year

As a gardener, grower, and forager I live by the seasons understanding the importance of being able to identify the plants, when they grow and when to get the best therapeutic benefits from them. As aromatherapists and essential oil users, we need to understand the plant to fully engage with the essential oil. By working through the markers of the year and utilizing seasonal essential oils we can bring the body, mind, and soul into true balance with its surroundings.

In this presentation, I will look at the concept of working with the 8 seasons and markers, explaining how each one is unique, the differing energies they bring and how they affect our bodies. As a gardener I will explain how the moons energies can affect the power of our essential oils, carrier, and hydrosols, giving an insight on how to use opposite energies and seasons to bring homeostasis to our environments

Martin Henglein
 Holistic Blending, Counseling and the Fragrance Circle

Reactions to certain smells are like a mirror of the Soul. They carry long lost memories, emotional response, and biochemical patterns. Martin's Fragrance Circle serves as a tool to discover needs and blockades. It also helps to find holistic blends, – balancing mind and body. More than twenty Years of experience allow a safe and responsible use of this Counseling technique. It is focussed on the natural fragrance and phenomenological approach. 
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Dr. Robert Pappas 
Working With Essential Oil Constituents

Essential oils are a collection of complex components, all having their own properties and benefits. Chemistry makes it possible to isolate these for closer study or to leverage some of their extraordinary capabilities. Over the past few years, Dr. Pappas has been studying and isolating popular and useful constituents such as beta-caryophyllene so production formulators can create even more targeted preparations for their businesses. In this podcast, he speaks about these to Elizabeth from a road trip in his car!

Mark Webb
 Aromatic Therapies, Aussie Oils & CO2’s

Mark will be discussing three topics:
1) His all-inclusive or unifying theory of “Aromatic Therapies”. This idea was born from the various country-centric forms of Aromatherapy, Aromatic Medicine from the various dose forms & applications methods used around the world. “Aromatic Therapies” – uses every application method & dose form against an increasing scale of knowledge & experience to tackle simple to complex conditions and diseases. It uses a stepwise prescribing and formulating technique to logically and precisely select aromatics based upon their therapeutic properties to deliver effective treatments.
2) Australian Aromatics – The history, chemistry and their therapeutic uses within the Aromatic Therapies model.
3) A brief teaser overview upon what CO2 Extracts are, how they are produced, their history of production and a couple of examples of their advantages and differences when compared to essential oils, absolutes & oleoresins.

Dr. Timothy Miller
 How to Blend With Aromachem

How sweet it is to blend by AromaChemistry! So many times we choose to blend by top, middle, or base note, or for a specific scent or fragrance – have you ever tried blending by AromaChemistry?

 In n this presentation, Dr. Tim discusses the importance of blending by chemistry! He showcases some of his formulations and shares his thought process in oil (and chemistry) selection. #aromanerdsunite
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Jan Kusmirek 
Sensism and the Biome

Sensory deprivation is an ailment of modern society. While our visual senses overdose on information, the emotional senses of touch and smell are neglected. Indulgence and pampering provide the natural counterbalance. Hence to dismiss cosmetics and perfumes as superficial fashion accessories are to ignore their ability to satisfy basic cravings for a multisensory experience. The creation of materials that touch our skin or enhance our smell should be designed to stimulate pleasure and indulgence.

Too often ‘natural’ or ‘organic ‘ products are poorly constructed lacking texture and creative fragrance. Additionally, the effect on the skin whether emotional or biological is not considered only the ingredient.

Changing our view to that of an organic cosmetic being attuned to the biome from pH to bio-compatibility is the best way to define an organic material not simply by ingredient however poor quality or lacking vitality. This is human science in action not just an adjunct to sustainability in the land but within the terrain of the human.

Tracy Carlin
 Using Essential Oils and Botanicals for Soap Making

Making Artisan Soap by Tracy Carlin was designed to delve into the soapmaking world so that readers understand how artisan soap is crafted in small batches.

Topics cover understanding oil properties, safety, formulating, cure, storage, packaging, and using botanicals, essential oils, CO² extracts, absolutes, and oleoresins to color and scent soap naturally. Artisan soap can be customized for customers, friends, and family to give a delightful bathing experience for so many.

Susan R. Banks 
Energy, Intuition and Destiny. Using Essential Oils Can Bring Deeper Meaning to Our Daily Lives

Perfumery blending is Suzanne’s passion and she adores the processes of finding oils to create a signature blend for her patients. In this podcast, we discuss ways to tap into your intuition to mold essential oil mixes into sublime creations.
This interview comes from Bali, in the midst of the tropical storm so please be aware there is some time lag between words and lips at times!

Shirley Routley 
Making Things Better

Shirley’s philosophy and indeed that of Fragrant Earth is to get good results through purity; which means sourcing and using the finest active ingredients not the cheapest and not packing the product full of things that look good on the label but are in such tiny quantities as to be meaningless. It also means they use the best in technology to make their products and keep quality controls tight. 

Lastly, Fragrant Earth’s philosophy requires their products to be effective, to perform and do what they say on the pack. Combining your knowledge of essential oils and their philosophy and knowledge of good safe bases, Shirley will reveal how you can make products, which are better in activity than those sold in the high street store: foot creams, acne gels, shampoos, and prescriptive creams and lotions. Shirley’s wish is that people return to the classical use of essential oils in bases bringing the full active benefits of plant extracts back to use and life.

Lola King 
Dilutions versus Charts

Many of us understand the need for dilution when it comes to essential oils. However, too many individuals have taken charts to be a very literal guide for essential oil use with how aggressively our industry has grown. It is my hope to help share the true intent of charts – as guidelines for some essential oils. I think it is important that our users understand a little bit more about the essential oils that just don’t fit into a one size fits all guideline and I hope to address a few of those that don’t fit into a general chart or set of guidelines and why they don’t.

Li Wong 
Aromatherapy Formulation: Myths & Misconceptions

Qualified aromatherapist, qualified herbalist, and longtime natural skin care formulator Li Wong will discuss some common myths and misconceptions in aromatherapy, herbal, and natural formulation.

Beverley Higham 
Perfumery Blending for Large Companies

“Everyone is unique! The essence of traditional aromatherapy is to capture this uniqueness. Holistically blending for individuals. The fragrant pharmacy is continually growing. So as a bespoke blender who creates for large companies along with individual clients, how do I capture the pure essence of aromatherapy and still provide a pre-blended product that will represent the commercial needs of a business without it being just a one size fits all creation? It’s possible, believe me. It’s a signature fragrance a bespoke blend created for the beating heart of the company. Her secrets will be revealed.

Michael Scholes
 Managing and Understanding Large Number of Essential Oils

How to understand and use up to over 600 essential oils in blending for personal care, healing the physical, for spiritual practices, personal perfumes and in therapeutic formulations?

One of the most challenging aspects of aromatherapy is learning the hundreds of essential oils that are available worldwide, their genus, species and sub-species and the many countries of origin where aromatic plants are grown. If this is not enough you have to decide on what oils blend well together, dosages and the different blends that you are making either for the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual or energetic purposes. While this is a challenging subject to learn there are ways to simplify through the integration of specific ways of organizing the oils and the information.

This presentation will help you to see the subject of aromatherapy through an alternative viewpoint from someone who has over 30 years of experience, has formulated over 750 blends and personally trained over 30,000 students worldwide.
Get To The Root of Successful Therapy With The Most Gifted Essential Oil Specialists

Greg Trevena
 Introducing Two New Native Australian Rose Essential Oils

Greg would like to take you on his journey of finding, assessing, growing, harvesting and promoting 2 new native Australian essential oils which have a remarkable new type of aroma and also some remarkable properties these 2 new essential oils appear to have.
He will include the best essential oil video he has ever done, the ups as well as the downs and technical insight into the two new essential oils, which include a full certificate of analysis.

Sandra Shuff 
Creating the Perfect Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular of essential oils. In this podcast, Sandra and Elizabeth discuss what it takes to create the perfect lavender oil, and the trials and tribulations of running the largest certified organic lavender farm in the United States.

Marco Valussi 
Quality of Essential Oils

Marco talks about the subject of quality in the field of essential oils. His main purpose is to present the point of view of the producers of essential oils to the audience of professional users, to develop a common understanding or at least a common ground for discussion and collaboration.

He begins by looking at different definitions of quality and at the difference between the concept(s) of quality and those of purity and “natural”, that is, in fact, many times taken to be almost synonymous. He will then try to give a larger, more inclusive definition of quality, introducing not only cultivation and chemical standards, but also social, environmental and cultural aspects into the definition.

By doing this he will stress the difference between negative, statical standards (what NOT to do), and positive, dynamic ones (what you need TO DO). In particular, he will look into the subject of environmental sustainability as a key issue for this day and age, give the unprecedented and increasing use of essential oils in all different markets, a use so massive that we need to worry now about the general sustainability of such a use.

Filip Lissicharov 
Rose Oil – The Bulgarian Liquid Gold - From the Past to the Future

Bulgaria is recognized worldwide as the country of roses. Rose is the national symbol of Bulgarians. Bulgarian rose oil with over 350 years of history and tradition is a key ingredient in the flavors and fragrance industry. Nowadays, it has found its place and has a growing impact in the aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical industries. Filip in his presentation will introduce you to Bulgarian history, tradition and culture. He tells us about the Bulgarian rose and the rose oils production. You will find great information on the process of harvesting, distillation, and why Bulgarian Rose is no.1 in the world. You will also learn about the uses of this oil, the challenges of adulteration, climate change, and other aspects producers face nowadays. Finally, he is going to introduce us to the workshops and study tours they organize for professional development or just for the love of the plant and its extract.
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