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All videos are completely free to watch during the summit but they will disappear off line after just 7 days. 

If you decide you would like to buy and keep the recordings, take advantage of this limited time offer. 
What Do You Get When You Buy? 
A secret login to Aladdin's Cave....

As you open your precious stash you'll find many valuable treasures therein...

Immediate Access To All Of The Summit 
When every other poor soul is patiently waiting for their favourite speaker to come round, nervously planning their weeks to ensure they don't miss any lectures, you can sit, relaxed, and feel very smug indeed. 

Use the special key to head right on over to your most exciting subjects and teachers.

 Watch to your own timetable and at any pace you want.

Consider it a bit like an all- you-can-eat buffet where smells like Lavender and Turkish Delight! There are certainly worse places I can think of to be!

Bonus Content Unavailable In The Free Summit
Delight in lifetime access** to the sixty free videos that will air live on the free summit, plus several further bonus films related to complementary medicine but not necessarily related to aromatherapy.

Downloadable Lecture Notes
Many speakers have kindly given copies of their PowerPoint Presentations. For interviews where we have had more informal conversations and brainstorms, we have collated an overview for you to download, print off and add your own dynamic notes. 

Opportunity to earn 50 CPD / Continued Education Points
As the UK Director for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists, I am in the  privileged position to be able to award 50 NAHA CE hours for completion of the summit.  

To ensure full attention has been given to each lecture, there will be an online quiz at the end of the summit to assess the extent of your participation and care.

(Yes, I'm watching you slackers whispering at the back...I've got your numbers. Concentration and thought will most definitely be required!)

As owner of the Early Bird Package, take advantage of the downloadable question sheet, on the first day of the summit, to collate your answers from each days' lectures before taking the quiz. 

Definitely a cheat...but who said you can't buy your way to success?

The quiz will stay live for six months post-summit to give you chance to work through the lectures at your own speed.

Bonus Goodies
Now for the exciting stuff...the shopping!
Gain Free access to:
 Jade Shute's "Body Butters" Course  
Elizabeth Ashley's "How To Run A Successful Aromatherapy Business" series. 
Also many discount vouchers to membership groups, training and online stores.
Every day the bundle grows ever bigger and more exciting...

**LifeTime Access
Let's be completely clear in this very confusing point...
The Beyond The Essential Oil Recipe Summit Membership Area will be live for 1 year. This should give you ample opportunity to decide which of the recordings are invaluable to your ways of working and if you want to keep all or just some of them for the future.
The membership area has two buttons by each lecture:
"Download Recording"and "Download Notes". 
Click these to download to keep all this spectacular aromatic wisdom for "Lifetime Access".

Remember, you need to be quick. 
Don't Delay.....

The moment the summit ends...the price goes back up. 
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