Join Best Selling Aromatherapy Author Elizabeth Ashley and
Aromatherapist Gergely Hollodi aka Aroma Botanica
for a Series of Masterclasses in Using Essential Oils
More than 50  Leading Industry Experts. Over 100 Hours of Recorded Wisdom
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Ringside Seat To a Whole New Realm of Healing
Enter Your Email Address to Secure Your 
Ringside Seat To a Whole New Realm of Healing
What You Can Expect To Learn: 
  •  Clear concise advice from industry leaders about how they treat people (and animals!) using essential oils.
  •  Ways to take your healing deeper and make it more dynamic
  •  Methods of integrating other philosophies and healing modalities to super charge essential oil practice
  •  How the experts integrate essential oils into their every day lives
  •  How Body-Mind medicine treats physical dis-ease and how we can tap ito that learning to speed healing and make it more efficient
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when purchasing esential oils and formulating products
How Does The Summit Work?
The wonderful thing about our summit is all lectures are entirely free.
Each evening at 7pm EST a new email will arrive in your inbox with links to four or five free lectures for you to watch.
Each lecture will remain live for you to rewatch for seven days. After that time, it will disappear completely.
You may feel with such a wide variety of related aromatherapy topics that you would like to purchase an all access pass, so you can have access to all the recording, bonus lectures, gifts and discounts. These will be available for a year.
Watch your inbox for an opportunity to get your Early Bird discount of 60% off the main summit price. 
What Can I Expect To See?
Chaos potentially!
We have over 50 speakers, some who have powerpoint presentations, some who do not.

Hostess, Elizabeth Ashley, has over 25 years professional experience as an aromatherapist and felt that the most interesting way to create valuable content was to give speakers a free reign to control their own subject matter.

Consequently, conversations are unscripted with no pre-prepared questions.

This is candid conversation and interchange of ideas between two peers... some of the best in the world.

In many cases these interviews will answer burning questions you may have about internal use, ingestion, dilution, mind body medicine and clinical practice. In other instances, you may be left asking better questions than when you came in.

That's how together, you and the art of aromatherapy will grow.

Tremendous fun.

Sign up and come out and play....

Why Register For Your Free Seat? 
  • Here's What You'll Discover
  •  How industry experts use essential oils for both humans and animals safely and correctly 
  •  An understanding of when internal usage of essential oils is advised and when the subtler approach of simple inhalation can trigger far more potent results
  •  Stories of exquisite healing brought about by these simple plant elixirs
  •  The pros and cons of essential oils v hydrolats and other botanicals
  •  How to avoid expensive disasters when formulating products
  •  The steps the industry is taking to protect the planet from being exhausted of medicinal plants and why we should care.
  •  Dynamic ways to take your healing to the next level, whether that be becoming a better "self-healer" or growing your complementary healing business
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